The Importance Of Local SEO

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WTF is Local SEO?

You might of herd the term Local SEO or Search Engine Optimisation being thrown about by digital marketers, but WTF is it?

“The art of optimising your online presence to attract more business from the local search results”

The simplified explanation of Local SEO is basically your telling search engines like Google:

-There is a local business called (*something*)

-The Local business is located at (*somewhere*)

-This is what the local business does (*stuff*)

-These are the services provided (*this & that*)

-These are the opening hours (*9-5pm mon-fri*)

– Here’s how you contact this business (*Phone Number/Email/Location*)

Google will then display this info to people who are searching for it, By helping Google properly index your business, you’ll be rewarded with better exposure.

Check the video below by SEMrush for a better explanation.

Local SEO has been around for years but didn’t have as much relevance back then as most people were only using desktop computers, but with the rapid growth of smartphones with Internet Connections, people now have access to data whilst out on the move. 

Google the clever bastards, figured out that people searching for service businesses generally  needed results from their local area. So they updated their local search algorithm to include a proximity factor. (just a techie way of saying that your location is a big factor in the results that you get shown.) 

This is a smart move by Google, as you’re going to want to use the closest service provider to your current location.

For example, 

If you’re in Exeter and  search “Emergency Plumber” on Google, you’ll see a list of Plumbers near you. Now, if you do the same search whilst in Exmouth, you will see a completely different list.

Businesses indexed by Google are interpreted based on the available  information found online, so ensuring Google has up to date information that is accurate, helps the algorithm to do a better job matching the people who provide the services with the people that are searching for them.

How It Benefits Your Business

People turn to Google and other search engines at different points in their buying cycle, whether it’s looking for broad information like “plumbers in Exeter” to more specific searches such as opening hours, business address or even the business name itself.

The ability to intercept the buyer during the buying cycle is a powerful way to build your customer base and expand your business.
Showing your services to potential customers whilst they’re actively searching for them presents you with an opportunity to turn that person into a customer.

How much does it cost?

Well that depends on how much you value your time?  

A well executed local SEO strategy is not a quick and easy process, it takes time to get all the necessary things in the right places. 

It takes 30 hours on average to do it properly.  You have to factor in things like the time it takes to create content, time spent creating listings in online business directories such as yellow pages, yelp, Google etc. Then there’s the time spent optimising everything to have local relevance.

With all that being said Local SEO is basically FREE! all its costs is your time, but if your like me and your time is precious to you, its going to cost you about 30 hours of your life. 

Want a more in depth explanation?



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